Thursday, May 16, 2013


We did it. WE GOT DRAFTED.

Finally, after being free agents we have signed with a team! This is big. Danielle and I spent all 2012 PMC kicking cancers ass and recruiting a team to become part of. There was team ‘More Cowbell’ who seemed great until we realized they didn’t want us, they wanted our friend Sandra because she’s insanely fast(I’m convinced she’s a robot). There was team “Bikes Fight Cancer” who we LOVED and we even bought their t-shirt, but they didn’t want to take on 2 girls as awesome as us(they were elitist, and that's ok). So, we ended the PMC in the hopes of starting our own team, but when new recruits fell through, we lost hope…Until, a co-worker told me about a friend who had a team and they needed riders.

This was it.

The negotiations where tough. Our agents fought hard and we all finally agreed to the terms. WE ARE RIDING FOR TEAM LENNY TO DESTROY CANCER. ( And to provide complementary therapies to cancer patents!)

Team Lenny rides for the Zakim Center at Dana Farber. The Zakim Center provides integrative therapies for cancer patients, their families and staff.

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. They provide Meditation, Music and Art Therapy, Nutrition/Herb/Food Supplement Counseling, Acupuncture, Qigong, and Reiki free of charge to the patients who visit DFCI. Danielle and I fully believe in this cause. Danielle witnessed first-hand the effects of Reiki on her father last year before he passed. My mother swore by the acupuncture and herbal / nutritional diet change.

The Zakim Center adds a whole other layer to our cause and it is an exciting way to kick-start our PMC training and fundraising for 2013!

This is bigger than ever. You know you hate cancer. Show your love and send us a donation as 100% goes to the Zakim Center for Integrative therapies.

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  1. Dang, you could have totally ridden with The B-Team! ( Maybe next time...